STAGE: Seed/Early Stage
SECTOR: Digital Branding & Marketing

BBB Venture Capital Inc. launch a new digital branding company Neotech Commerce, operated in Malaysia on 2018. Neotech will be the most core partners and provide with technical support and digital branding services for all coming project. The world is changing, and technology is taking the lead. Today, everything is going digital — entertainment, health, real estate, banking and even currencies. With everything turning to digital, it means companies are also jumping online to market their businesses. And to survive the challenges of digital marketing, brands need to keep up with the latest trends. Successfully reaching one’s target audience is no longer just putting out TV and print ads. These days, social media is the new arena of digital marketers, as 3.3 billion people are active social media users. To keep up with the ever-changing scene, digital marketing experts need to stay in step with the evolving tech trends. Social media marketing companies like ours work tirelessly to research consumers and what makes them engage with brands.